Celebrity Olivia Palermo in beige for New York

Olivia Palermo knows how to take advantage of a overall look in beige better than any other it girl. Because the combo that has been walking around New York has it all: a sporty touch, airs working to go to the office and neutral colors to repeat over and over again without ever getting tired. That’s how he did it: mixing the jacket suit with a sweatshirt in a hooded sweatshirt.

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The celebrity he’s taken the suit out of the closet again working of linen, taking advantage of the very warm autumn they live in New York. A design with flowing pants and anklets with blazer in colored whole nudethat can be combined with anything. She’s proved that herself, by wearing a sweatshirt cropped in the same tone and making the best of two opposing stylesThe “all-rounder”: sophisticated and all-rounder.

olivia palermo street style beige suit

She has combined this overall look in neutral colour with burgundy moccasins adorned with tassels, a shoes that this season are coming back to dress the feet of those who want to go to work with comfort and elegance. There is also a cream-coloured handbag, which gives the accessories a special touch.

olivia palermo street style beige suit

Because all the eyes of the look they land on their stamping combo. A striped silk scarf like the ones she wears lately as a bandana to hide her mask. And a leopard mask like the ones sold in Mangowhich brings a touch of modernity without breaking the chromatic palette of Olivia Palermo.

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