Seven looks to go to class and graduate as the it girl of your course, school and college

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Back to school is costing us more than ever this fall. Between the safety measures, the hydrogel and the mask, going to class is not very motivating. But that’s because we hadn’t yet realized how much styling we can do by going to school that will make it clear, once and for all, that you are the it girl from that institute.

These back-to-school looks are effortless and will leave everyone speechless

The look easier: layers and layers of total black

There’s no need to complicate your life. Especially this season when the trends emphasize textures. Mix knit, skin, velvet or denim in the same black color and you’ll be the queen.

The tracksuit is the uniform of 2020

Raise your hand if, at this point in the pandemic, you no longer have your tracksuit at home. Well, that will be your student uniform: put some sneakers on it, tuck in your sweatshirt and add a touch of sparkle with minimalist gold pendants.

With blazer and jeans

An all-year classic that always works. The blazer brings that elegant touch and more sophisticated to the jeans, getting together a perfectly balanced style. If we add sportswear to that, it’s impossible to miss.

The look schoolgirl of the 90’s: with miniskirt and sweatshirt oversize

The sweatshirts oversize we use during quarantine now have a new ally: the miniskirts, which create together looks schoolgirl style of the ’90s. Bella Hadid has given a good account of them and they seem to us the most to go to class.

This is how you wear leather pants to class

Leather and fur pants are going to be one of those trends that will reach the viral category this fall. And while they may seem too bold to go to school, the truth is with a sweater, sneakers like these from Superga (105 euros) that Chiara Ferragni wears and a backpack or bag tote you will be the model student (of the catwalk).

Knitted vests with shirt: take out the nerd your insides

This season we have experienced the rebirth of Chandler-style knitwear in Friendswith their characteristic grandfatherly air. They take garnished oversize like T-shirts or shirtswith the neck sticking out in the nerdiest way.

Neutral tones and military boots: the definition of fashion this fall

We finish with one of our favourite styles for autumn: the neutral tones, which create timeless, sophisticated and very pretty looks based on whites, beige and nudes. The trick is in put an accessory that has more color weightlike burgundy boots or a black bag.

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