The zebra print is the new leopard. Word of the street style

Although the animal print has generally always been successful in the fashion worldthe leopard has always been king of the herd… until now. This 2020 the zebra is willing to take on that role and its eye-catching print succeeds in the street style. Leopard, cow, snake… There’s no one who can shadow the zebra.

The high boots of wide cane want to be the queens of the autumn and we have found six models super trend (that in addition have discount)

Different ways to bet on this animal print

With feathers, leather, breaker colours or all kinds of styles, this print is capable of enhancing any look. Classic yet original, its presence in the street style reminds us of what in the fashion world everything comes back to.

Milano Str S Rf20 0491
Milano Str S Rf20 0771
Zebra Street Style 02
Milano Str S Rf20 1489

Invading the RRSS as well as becoming the king of street style, the garments that come with this print are capable of wearing a complete style. While some looks are accompanied by a varied and original color range, others opt for more basic colors.

Zebra Street Style 01
New York Str A Rf20 09201

Accessories are also dressed in this print

As it could not be otherwise, the accessories become the best option to opt for this trend in a simple way. Whether in the form of a handbag or shoes, this print is perfect to give a 180º turn to the final look.

Milano Str S Rf20 0564
Milano Str S Rf20 1365
Paris Str A Rs21 0991

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